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Whimsical clock that creates the illusion that time is melting down...


While this “melting clock” looks like it came straight out of Dahli’s all-time famous painting Persistence of Memory, it is as affordable as any desk clock. Instead of shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a painting, you can buy this affordable piece that doubles as a useful shelf clock.

This clock is reminiscent of surrealist art, with a curved surface that adds a “melting clock” illusion that makes it look as if it is “melting” over the edge of the desktop.

This classic yet contemporary clock design fits into any setting. With its eye-catching design, this novelty clock is perfect for the waiting room, office, living or dining room, and any room of the house or workplace.

The timepiece can balance to hang over any flat surface securely, perfect to hang over any desktop, shelf, table, kitchen counter, pantry, windowsill, or can even be used as a bookstop thanks to rigid and strong construction.

This trendy, battery-powered clock has a fully functioning clock mechanism has classic hours and minutes hands and runs well on a single AA battery for a long time. The traditional wheel in back of the clock allows you to adjust time manually.

This gift clock is super easy to read despite the melting time look. It has a plastic and chrome design which renders it nearly break proof and childproof.

Product features:

Novelty Melting Clock Design
Hangs off Any Flat Surface
Measures 7 Inch X 4.5 Inch
Fully Functioning Clock Mechanism
Requires 1 AA battery (not included)
Hour and Minute Hands
Roman Numerals
Makes Great Gift
A DAHLI ENTHUSIAST’S DELIGHT: Any fan will appreciate this “melting clock” reminiscent of Dahli’s famous painting. What better way to celebrate his surrealism than with a clock inspired by his work?
TRENDY YET PRACTICAL: This funky design is “cool” enough for all ages yet practical enough for daily use. The top hangs securely from any flat surface. Strong enough to be used as a book-stop.
CAREFULLY CRAFTED: The curved surface area creates an illusion of melting time. For some it will it will inspire deep thought, for others it will be source of good humor. The clock design is modern and classy.
A PERFECT GIFT: A great conversation starter, this novelty gift is great for art enthusiasts and laymen alike, and those who enjoy a good laugh. This classic shelf clock adds personality to any room.
TECH SPECS: The hanging clock has Roman numerals, two manually adjustable hands, and requires 1 AA battery (not included). Measures 7 inches X 4.5 inches, and is fully functional, not just for show.

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