Disney Tsum Tsum Alice in Wonderland Story Pack

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Alice in Wonderland Tsum Tsum story pack. Includes 15+ pieces, among which 1 medium sparkly Alice figure, 2 small figures (Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat), headbands, and additional accessories.


Collect, Stack, and Display your favorite Disney Tsum Tsum Characters. Introducing the NEW Story Pack collection where you can play out each character’s unique story. Enter in to this fun-sized world and mix and match your customizable sets to create an even bigger scene. Each set includes 1 medium TSPARKLE TSURPRISE figure and 2 small figures, as well as playable accessory pieces, headbands, and lots of room for creativity! Find the perfect place for your medium and small Tsum Tsum figures to watch them peak out from the accessory slots and accessorize your small characters with the adorable touch of a headband! Story Packs feature Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Alice in Wonderland! Collect all 3 sets to create and customize the ultimate Disney Tsum Tsum story display. Includes 15+ pieces. Collect ’em, Stack ’em. Ages 6+.
Collect, Stack, and Display your favorite Disney Tsum Tsum Characters
Set includes 1 medium sparkle figure, 2 small figures, headbands, and additional accessories
Includes 15+ pieces
Collect ’em, Stack ’em. Ages 6+

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