Women’s Plus Size Supreme Queen of Hearts Costume

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Long plus-size Queen of Hearts dress, with playing card pattern on the bodice and skirt hem, and long red gloves.


Playing with a Full Deck People often assume that being royal is easy. We get why they might assume that. Princesses and queens wear lush gowns, walk on red velvet carpets, and live in castles. But here’s the thing, if you want to be on top, you’ve got to be smart! Even in Wonderland, we’re sure other dreamland dignitaries are always visiting, trying to find the weaknesses of their Wonderland neighbors. What government wouldn’t want to find out about the secrets of those magic mushrooms and the mysterious bottles of potions that Alice found just hanging around as soon as she fell down the rabbit hole? That kind of power would be super useful for any army, card-based or otherwise. Yet when they come visiting the queen keeps her visitors controlled and occupied. That wild game of hedgehog croquette may have seemed pointless but the endless nature of the game sure keeps those visiting dignitaries busy for their whole stay! Smart move, your majesty! Product Details & Design Are you ready to take on the throne? The unique look will stand out with designs created by our in-house creative team. The bodice has a playing card pattern up the middle and is framed with red sequins and gold piping. The sweetheart neckline has gold ruffles along the top and soft black puffed sleeves and it’s topped with a tall white collar. A long black skirt has a red skirt overlay and gold ruffle trim. A card patterned hem finishes off the skirt to make sure your card origins are noticeable from afar. Top off your costume with the included gloves and you’ll be ready to rule.  Power Play No one stands in the way of the queen of hearts. Make sure you’ve got the right accessories to make sure you’ve got a powerful look. Top off your ensemble with a wild red wig, a crown, and a scepter. If you really want to get wild, you could even bring along a lawn flamingo to play croquette! Now that’s a power play.  – Dress – Pair of Gloves – Petticoat
Size: 1X
100% polyester satin, chiffon, broadcloth & tulle
Dress has back zipper
Bodice has constructed foam bust
Satin skirt has chiffon overlay, printed broadcloth hem band

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