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Alice in Wonderland wedding ideas

Are you planning an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding? On this page you can find lots of ideas for an elegant Alice in Wonderland wedding: from invitations to wedding favors!

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  • Walk down the aisle on a song from the soundtrack of your favorite Alice in Wonderland movie. Or do your first dance on it.
  • Create a path down isle by laying down old book pages and gluing them together.
  • Have your flower girl wear an Alice dress, rabbit ears, or a crown/tiara and lots of hearts, and ask her to toss out red and white rose petals.
  • Encorporate quotes from the books into your vows or ceremony.
  • Use pawns or other chess pieces as ring holders.
  • As a union ceremony, smoke from your hookahs and blow out the smoke together so it will integrate in the air.

table and food decorations

Food and drinks

Our own topsy turvy wedding cake! (Okay, we may have overdone it a little using a sword to cut it ;-) )

Our own topsy turvy wedding cake! (Okay, using a sword to cut it might have been a little overkill. 😉 )

Clothing and accessories

  • Ask your groomsmen to wear ties with a Wonderlandish print, tie pins or top hats with a 10/6 card (you could also replace the 10/6 with your wedding date!). Give the groomsmen pocket watches to wear during the wedding, which they can keep as a gift afterwards.
  • Use Alice in Wonderland buttons in stead of / as part of the corsages or boutonnieres. If you have different groups that wear corsages, you could pick red roses for one group (for example, the wedding party), and white roses for others. Or have them wear corsages / boutonnieres with different card suits. You could also add a dangling pocket watch on a short chain to them.
  • Pick bridesmaid dresses with large bows at the back of their waist and Mary Jane shoes.
  • The bride can wear a long or tea length blue tafeta dress. If you want to marry in white, adorn your dress with blue accents (they can be your ‘something blue’). The groom can wear a top hat, and the bride a mini top hat on a hairband or a hairband with bow.
  • Carry a wedding bouquet made of red and white roses. Or use old book pages to make a paper flower bouquet. Let a pocket watch dangle from the bouquet. Attach a ‘throw me’ label to it.

Wedding favors

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Miscellaneous tips

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If you have more ideas for an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, let me know and I may add them to this list!