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Background information

On the following pages you can find general background information about the creation of both Alice in Wonderland books, Disney’s movie, the author, the real Alice and the illustrator.

  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
    rowingHow a story told to three little girls evolved from Alice’s Adventures Under Ground to the book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, the publication process, revisions, and other editions.
  • Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there
    About the creation of the sequel and its publication process.
  • John Tenniel’s illustrations
    How the illustrator of both Alice books was chosen, how he cooperated with Carroll, and how the illustrations were created and printed.
  • Lewis Carroll
    About the author of the Alice in Wonderland books, who’s real name was Charles Ludwidge Dodgson.
  • Alice Liddell
    About the real girl named Alice, who inspired the Alice in Wonderland stories.
  • Disney’s cartoon movie
    Details and fun facts about Disney’s 1951 Alice in Wonderland cartoon movie.
  • Alice in Wonderland trivia
    Miscellaneous facts about the creation of the books and the author.
  • Glossary
    An explanation of terms and phrases that were well known at the time of writing, but are currently less known.
  • Alice on the Stage
    An article from Carroll with his views about how the story came to be and how he meant characters to be like.

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