12 Piece Wonderland Cookie Cutter Set

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Set of 12 metal cookie cutters in Wonderland themed shapes


Wonderland Cookie Cutter 12 Piece Set; Each cookie cutter is made from tin plated steel and is food grade certified. Each has rolled edges on top making it safe and comfortable to handle. They all have a sharp bottom which allows for accurate cutting that creates impressive results.
Set Includes: 3 inch Eat Me Plaque, 3 inch Clock, 3.25 inch Teacup, 3.25 inch Cheshire Cat, 3.25 inch Drink Me Bottle, 3.5 inch Mad Hatter Hat, 3.5 inch Rabbit, 3.5 inch Antique Key, 3.5 inch Queen’s Crown, 3.5 inch Queen of Hearts Card, 3.75 inch Teapot, 4 inch Alice’s Dress; Each are heavy-duty tested and certified food-grade tin plated steel
Our cookie cutters are perfect for so many projects. They are great for cutting cookie dough, brownies, cakes, fondant, soft fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, sandwiches and craft clay. In addition, use your cookie cutters as a pancake mold or in the classroom as drawing tools. The possibilities are endless!
Use our Wonderland Cookie Cutter 12 Piece Set to bake some delicious cookies and decorate them to server at birthday parties, weddings, summer picnics, church or school functions, bake sales or to your family and friends.
Cookie Cutter Care – After using your cookie cutters, hand wash and towel dry them. Then place them on a clean cookie sheet in your oven as it cools down from baking. The heat will dry out any remaining water that you may have missed from towel drying. Tin plated steel cookie cutters are NOT Dishwasher Safe.
The Cookie Cutter Shop has been operating since 1999 and offers hundreds of unique cookie cutters for you to choose from. Our goal is to offer warm hospitality, encourage smiles, and provide honest customer service, quality products and fast shipping on all orders.

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