V&A Alice in Wonderland Mug with Queen of Hearts Design in Gift Box

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Alice in Wonderland mug with Queen of Hearts design, from the V&A line. In gift box


‘OFF WITH THEIR HEADS’ declares the Queen of Hearts in a print on this white mug, from the V&A Alice in Wonderland range
BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED with a sketch of the Queen from an Alice card game based on Sir John Tenniel’s illustrations
TURN THE MUG AROUND to find an illustration of the White Rabbit, dressed in a tunic and playing a golden trumpet on the other side
HIDDEN SURPRISES: the words ‘off with their heads’ line the inside rim of the mug in a beautiful, swirling font
A LOVELY GIFT for anyone who enjoys Alice’s adventures. Capacity: 400 ml (14 fl oz). Explore the full collection for matching items

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