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Alice in Wonderland makeup tutorials

Are you dressing up as an Alice in Wonderland character this Halloween? Check out these great make up tutorials for Tim Burton movie style looks!


Mad Hatter makeup tutorial

You can buy the eyebrows, a makeup kit and other Mad Hatter accessories in my webshop if you like.


Cheshire Cat makeup tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to do a ‘normal’ Cheshire Cat facepaint, but also how to make it glow in the dark, so you can actually disappear and leave just a smile!

If you don’t like the wig and knitted hat with ears, I have some other Cheshire Cat wigs and cat ears available.


White Rabbit makeup tutorial

You can actually buy that cute top hat with rabbit ears you see in this video.


Red Queen makeup tutorial

If you don’t feel like shaping your own red wig into a heart shape, there are pre-shaped Red Queen wigs (including the crown) available.


White Queen makeup tutorial

If you need a White Queen wig, you can get one here.

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