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Replica of the Alice’s Adventures Under Ground manuscript

Remember the Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of a replica of the “Alice’s Adventures Under Ground” manuscript? Originally only the people who backed the project would receive a copy. However, there are still several copies available, so you can still get one if you’re interested!

aaug-reproduction-coverThere are currently 640 copies of the Premium Edition (which is machine bound, with a fake leather jacket) left, and 196 Limited Editions (hand bound, with genuine leather jackets). You can only order them in 2016, because after that, the publisher’s contract with the British Library expires.

There might be another printing round, but this depends on whether the contract can be extended, and it will be for the Premium Edition only. So make sure to secure a copy while you can!

The manuscript is recreated to look exactly the way it did when Alice received her handwritten copy from Lewis Carroll. So no introductions, cover with artwork from a different illustrator, or anything the like. You can even see Carroll’s ink fade while writing, and corrections in the pagination!


Its specifications:

  • 200 x 134 mm
  • Section bound
  • Machine bound in bonded leather (Premium Edition) / hand bound in genuine leather (Limited Edition)
  • Printed on high quality cream Mohawk paper (Limited Edition:  also felt textured)
  • Gold foil embossed title
  • Presented in a hand made box with gold foil embossed title (Limited Edition only)
  • Hand numbered with gold ink (Limited Edition only)
  • Also includes:
    • Numbered “Certificate of Authenticity.”
    • Companion Booklet
    • 1 Pair of White Cotton Gloves


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