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Alice in Wonderland themed Easter eggs

Easter is coming up! How about decorating your eggs like Alice in Wonderland characters? In this post you can find several great ideas!

You can either use boiled eggs and eat them during your Easter lunch, or you can blow out the eggs and use them as decoration.

Humpty Dumpty Easter egg

The most obvious way to decorate your Easter eggs is of course to make them look like Humpty Dumpty. Paint his body all over the egg, or add a bow tie on a ribbon, and trousers and feet made of fabric so he can actually sit on a wall! Consider using googly eyes for his face.


Cheshire Cat Easter egg

By adding some details like a tail and a pair of ears, you can easily transform an egg-shaped object into a Cheshire Cat. Or consider painting only his head!


White Rabbit Easter egg

You can elaborately paint your egg to make it resemble the White Rabbit, or just glue some paper feet and ears onto the egg, and paint a face with whiskers on it. After all, many eggs are already white!


Mad Hatter Easter egg

It’s easiest to not paint a full body, but just the Mad Hatter’s head. Add orange hair, like Johnny Depp’s hatter wears, or just add a hat (which additionally will keep the egg warm!).


Tweedledum and Tweedledee Easter eggs

These must of course come in pairs! The big advantage of these characters are that they are already round. 🙂 Add a cute hat on top and you’re well on your way!


Queen of Hearts Easter Egg

These will need some additions to look like royalty. Like a lot of red hair, a crown, and a collar. And hearts, of course!


More Alice in Wonderland Easter egg ideas

If you’re a really skilled painter, just go all out and paint Wonderland scenes on your eggs! Or, create a complete Wonderland character set, using one egg for the head and a second egg for the body.
Serve your creations in small tea cups.


How are you painting your eggs this Easter? Show us the results in the comments!

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