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Make your own Alice in Wonderland doormat

I made my own Alice in Wonderland themed doormat! I wrote down the instructions so you can make one yourself as well.

There are several Alice in Wonderland doormats for sale, but I wanted something that I could not find in stores. So I decided to make one myself! Here’s how I did it.

Step 1: Buy a neutral coir mat (also called coco mat; this one was €4.99).

Step 2: Create your design with image editing software (like Photoshop) and print it. Tape the paper sheets together. I based the text on this image and also found a beautiful image with Alice’s silhouette.

Step 3: Cut out the design to create a template.

Step 4: Place your template on the mat and trace the edges of the design with a marker.

Step 5: Paint the mat! I used some left over black paint that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. I applied the paint with a small and an even smaller but sturdy brush. Do not actually brush over the surface, but ‘stamp’ the paint onto the fibers in a downwards motion, so that it penetrates well into the bottom of the mat.

Step 6: Let dry and place in front of your door!

I’m not sure how long the paint will last, but I suspect it will last for quite some time. Do make sure that your doormat has some shelter from an overhang – coir mats do not stand rain and snow very well, regardless of whether or not they are painted.

Besides the text “We’re all mad here”, I think lines like “Who are YOU?” (with a Caterpillar) or “Off with your shoes!!” (with a Queen of Hearts) would be very funny for doormats as well.

If you think this is too complicated or too much work, of course you can also just buy some commercially available doormats or rugs, like these. 🙂

Have you made a doormat or any other Alice in Wonderland themed item? Show us in the comments!

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