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Alice in Wonderland nursery ideas

Are you expecting a baby? How about choosing an Alice in Wonderland theme for your nursery? In this post you can find several ideas to get you started. Have fun and be creative!

Get stuffed animals of Wonderland characters

Stuffed animals belong in an Alice themed nursery! There are many different plush animals available, like a Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, or a flamingo.

Cheshire Cat plush toy Mad Hatter plush doll White Rabbit plush doll

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Use Alice in Wonderland fabrics

If you are handy with needle and thread, you can sew your own curtains, crib drapes, nursing pillow cases or baby blankets with Alice in Wonderland themed fabrics. If you’re not that creative, you can buy them ready-made. Or, buy the fabric and take it to a seamstress.

Home made crib sheets  Alice in Wonderland themed fabric

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Wonderlandish walls

Vinyl stickers are very easy to apply and give your baby’s room an instant Wonderland feel. They are available in many different designs: images, quotes, or a combination of both. You can also have them custom made.

Alice in Wonderland vinyl sticker

An alternative to a wall sticker is to use picture frames and put your favorite illustrations, movie stills, or quotes into them. Or have them printed on canvas.

Framed book and illustration artCheshire Cat print on canvas


Did you know you can also have wallpaper custom made? Order wallpaper with an Alice in Wonderland print and use it on one of the walls of your nursery (decorating all the walls might be a little too much, but that also depends on the pattern you choose). You can pick a repeating pattern (see the fabrics in the previous paragraph for an example) or go for a Wonderland scenery. Or look for checkered wallpaper. Pink Cheshire Cat stripes are especially suitable for a girl!

White Rabbit wallpaper Checkered and Cheshire Cat striped wallpaper Wonderland illustration wallpaper

Vintage or wacky furniture and lighting

You can go for a romantic Victorian style when it comes to furniture and lamps. Use a lot of frills, bows, and fabrics and look for a big chandelier. Or opt for wacky and colorful furniture. Tea cuplights are not so difficult to make yourself!

 Stacked teacups cupboard Teacup lights

Bring in the books

Collect several editions of the ‘Alice’ stories and put them all on a shelf. Besides the original stories, many abridged versions for children (including Lewis Carroll’s own ‘Nursery Alice‘) and comic books are available with pretty and colorful pictures, which you can read to your child.  Make sure you also get bookends in Wonderland style to hold them together!

Rabbit bookends

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Finally, add several Alice in Wonderland items to complete your baby’s room. You’ll be amazed how many useful things there are available in Wonderland theme! How about a Cheshire Cat nightlight? And if you cannot tile your floor to make it look like a chessboard, you can look for a checkered rug.

If you’re on a budget, consider creating your own accessories, using thrift shop items as a basis. Online you can find many instructions. For example: buy a second hand baby mobile, cut off the decorations and replace them with your own. If you’re not good at sewing, just use lightweight figurines.

Other great looking ánd useful accessories are mirrors (to go through the looking glass) and funny wall-clocks.

Alice in Wonderland mobile Wonderland baby mobile Cheshire Cat night light Backwards wall clock

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Now combine all these tips to get an amazing Alice in Wonderland nursery! Here are some great examples I found online. I hope you find them inspiring!

Alice in Wonderland themed room Alice nursery wallpaper Alice paintings and checkered floor Wonderland nursery Mobile and crib fabrics Nursery mural Alice inspired nursery Alice in Wonderland nursery

Do you have more ideas for a great Alice in Wonderland nursery? Or would you like to show us your own baby’s room? Leave a comment!


  1. Hi I am looking to make a nursery Alice in wonderland for my three month old daughter I am not sure exactly where to get all of the decorations at if you have any resources you can give me thank you so much

  2. Hi Tasha,

    I’ve linked to the sources of the images as much as possible, so you can click on them. I’m not sure if all items are actually for sale, though. The main goal of this blogpost is to provide inspiration to find or create your own items!

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