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Alice’s Day 2018

Alice’s Day is Oxford’s annual Alice in Wonderland festival. This year it takes place on 7 July. There will be all kinds of activities, including lectures from the Lewis Carroll Society!

The event is organized by the Story Museum. This year’s theme is ‘Journeys & Adventures’.

According to their website, the programme includes the chance to dance a Lobster Quadrille, immersive street theatre, a Comic Jam, a city wide trailer for families, live theatre, talks, lectures, face painting and crafting. Until now, this is all that is being communicated about the programme. Hopefully they will add more details soon!

The Lewis Carroll Society has announced that they will organise the following lectures during the festival, to add a scholarly touch to the family fun:

  • 10am – Alice in Otherlands: Parodies and pastiches by Dr Selwyn Goodacre
  • 11am – Votes for Alice: Suffragettes in Wonderland by Professor Katherine Cockin
  • 1pm – Alice in Volga-land: Lewis Carroll’s excursion to Russia by Mark Davies
  • 2pm – Lewis Carroll in Psychology-land: Dreams, Asylums and Fantasy by Dr Franziska Kohlt

The lectures are free to attend and take place in the Weston Lecture Theatre (Broad Street, Oxford, UK).

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