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Japanese translation of “The Annotated Alice” soon available

Next month a Japanese translation of the 150 Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Martin Gardner’s “Annotated Alice” will be published.

“The Annotated Alice” is a very well-known and recommended book in the ‘Alice’ community, as it explains a lot of the background of the story. Both ‘Alice’ stories are printed in full and are supplied with many annotations in the margins.

The book has been updated several times, which led to new editions. The 150 Anniversary Deluxe Edition was published in 2015, when the story of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” celebrated its 150th birthday.

On 19 December 2019 a Japanese edition, translated by Gakuma Hiroshi Takayama, will be published.

As I don’t speak a single character Japanese, I cannot say anything about the quality of the translation. I can only recommend the original book in English. However I think it should be very interesting for Japanese people who don’t speak English well enough to read the original.

The book is available through Amazon and Rakuten Books.

(Seriously, I don’t even know if the above image should be rotated, or held up against a looking glass for people to be able to read it… I’m sorry if it is not displayed correctly.)

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