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Wasp in a Wig challenge

Are you an artist? Then you may want to join the ‘Wasp in a Wig challenge’: produce an image, in any media, of the Wasp character from the dismissed Through the Looking Glass chapter “A Wasp in a Wig”.

A Wasp in a Wig” was a chapter in Through the Looking Glass that never made it into the published book. Illustrator John Tenniel thought it wasn’t interesting enough and ‘couldn’t see his way into a picture’. Lewis Carroll then decided to drop the entire episode from the book.

"The Wasp in a Wig" by Ralph Steadman, after TennielLarissa Averbug, a Brazilian graphic designer and researcher in children’s literature, is currently working on her PhD research, titled “The Multiple Faces of Alice: An Irreversible Creative Dynamic”. The intent is “to investigate, in practice, the creative thinking of contemporary visual artists from distinct media through a ludic experiment”. For her research she is challenging artists to create the Wasp character in any media they like. The challenge might also result in an exhibition and a book for collectors.

If you want an invitation to join the challenge, send Larissa an email: [email protected].

See also the Instagram and Facebook pages of this project.

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