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160th Anniversary Alice in Wonderland Exhibition

For the anniversary of the publication of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, there is an exhibition of both the original illustrations from John Tenniel as well as a collection of illustrations from three other artists. The exhibition will move from Yokohama to Osaka, Japan.

This exhibition displays the original Tenniel illustrations as well as the original printing plates and valuable materials. This is the first time in Japan that the archives of British publisher Macmillan have been released all at once.

The exhibition also includes a collection of illustrations from Harry Seeker, John MacFarlane, and Dis Wallis.

(I’m not sure why they call it ‘the 160th anniversary’ exhibition, as the book was published in 1865, so the anniversary would be next year. But it will probably a nice exhibition regardless. 🙂 )

Date: 17 April – 6 May (in the Yokohama store) / 9 May – 29 May (in the Osaka store)
Location: Takashimaya store, Yokohama and Osaka, Japan
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