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Create your own door to Wonderland! This doorknob looks exactly like Disney’s talking doorknob and its nose is an actually working handle!

You get a (US) door mechanism that can be built into your door, on which you can attach the also included round golden doorknobs (for both sides of the door). If you already have this kind of mechanism built in your door, you can remove your current handle and replace it with one or both of the doorknobs. The third option is to leave in your current door knob, and only place the decorative molds over it.

The decorative mold comes in two pieces and is for one side of the door only. After you’ve attached the golden door knob, you place the head piece frame over it and use the included adhesive strips to attach it to the door. Then you place the mouth piece into the opening of the frame and attach it with the strips as well.

You can also choose to not attach this to your door, but just use it as a decorative piece.

Please mind: may not work well with door mechanisms from other countries. Don’t use on outside doors or other crucial doors: the door knob can be a little hard to grab and twist, as the mouth may get in the way of your hand. May also not fit if there’s a lock on the door as well.


Alice in Wonderland inspired doorknob, fully working
Custom sculpted, hand molded and painted door knob.
The sculpt comes in two pieces, plus the doorknob and hardware.
Simply hang one piece over the doorknob then attach the second piece with included adhesive strips locking it into place! No need to disassemble the door!
Can also be mounted to a wall, or used on your existing doorknob.
This is perfect for a kids room or movie room.

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