Alice’s Adventures under Water


This book was written by yours truly, the webmaster of this site! I always thought that, with all my knowledge of the ‘Alice’ books, I should be able to write a new book in the series that does justice to the originals.

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If you enjoyed Lewis Carroll’s books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found there, this is the book for you! Finally, there is a third story in the Alice series – written in Carroll’s familiar style, but packed with a great number of completely new puns, poems, and satire!

This time, Alice explores an under-water world, in which she meets new characters who again make her wonder about their strange logic and behaviour.

The story can be enjoyed by everyone, even those who have never read Carroll’s tales. However, the more familiar you are with them, the more references you will recognise in this exceptionally clever story…

“Lenny has masterfully managed to revive Carroll in all aspects of form and content of the two ‘predecessors’, and that is unbelievably, extremely clever: ‘In this style 10/6’!”

– F. Koksma, Dutch Lewis Carroll Society

“Ms. de Rooy captured the essence of Alice and her adventures beautifully. This tale contained all of the magic that was included in the original Alice books. I especially loved the subtle modern twists the author added in her references to public figures, songs, and more. She struck the perfect balance between copying the original tone of this series and including things that would appeal to the sensibilities of twenty-first century readers. […] Alice’s Adventures Under Water was an incredible adventure I’d recommend to kids and adults alike.”
– Long and Short Reviews; 5 star rating

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Robert Louis Black





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