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This book pretends to be another sequel to the ‘Alice’ books, lost for years but discovered after Carroll’s death. The story is about Alice who shuts up like a telescope and travels to the moon.

The author’s writing style is kinda-but-not-quite similar to Carroll’s, but unfortunately the jokes are not of the same quality, nor are the poems. I like the concept behind it though: it is not just a story in a book, it is set up like Martin Gardner’s “Annotated Alice”, with annotations in the margins that explain several of the jokes and references in it. Which is necessary, because many references are rather far-fetched. It is however one of the few ‘sequels’ that attempts to add hidden references into the story and also tries to match the ‘Alice’ stories on other aspects, like an appearance of the Hatter and March Hare as other characters, parodies on exisiting poetry, and the fact that you can discover the date the story takes place in the text.


“They say that the moon is made of green cheese,” said Alice, stroking the lazy cat’s belly. “Do you believe that, Snowball? Father says it’s nothing more than a great white stone, and I suppose I ought to believe him; but really, how can one be sure without ever having been there?” So begins a truly extraordinary tale as Alice finds herself meeting all manner of strange creatures as she sets off on new adventures. This is a completely new story by R J Carter, but has been presented as if it were a lost Lewis Carroll manuscript, complete with annotations and original illustrations. This book is guaranteed to delight both children and adults.

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