Looking-Glass House: The Lost Manuscript of “Through the Looking-Glass” by Lewis Carroll

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Many autors have attempted to write stories in ‘Wonderland’ style, pretending them to be recently recovered ‘lost’ stories by Lewis Carroll. This book is different. It is Carroll’s original “Through the Looking Glass” tale, but in a ‘lost format’. Rover Singer has put the story into a font based on Lewis Carroll’s handwriting, and Jonathan David Dixon has provided more than 30 pen-and-ink drawings, trying to mimic Carroll’s style. The result is a book that quite looks like a manuscript that Lewis Carroll could have written, if he had indeed created one for the “Looking Glass” story!


Was Lewis Carroll’s hand-drawn manuscript of Through the Looking-Glass destroyed, or did it just go underground for 150 years?  Looking-Glass House is the faux rough-draft of Carroll’s 1871 sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in Carroll’s own meticulous handwriting and it features more than thirty pen-and-ink illustrations that look suspiciously like Carroll’s charmingly amateurish drawings from Alice’s Adventures Under Ground.  See how Carroll might have imagined the chess kings and queens, the Jabberwock monster and the Tweedle twins long before Tenniel drew them! Illustrations by Jonathan David Dixon.  A must-have for all fans of Alice in Wonderland from Roverzone Press.

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