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Alice in Wonderland Halloween costumes!

October is approaching, which means: time to prepare for Halloween!

If you want to dress up like an Alice in Wonderland character for Halloween, look no further, because I have plenty of costumes for sale in my webshop. To make it easy for you, I have made a selection of the ‘darkest’ costumes available.

‘Alice’ Halloween costumes

How about dressing up as a ‘bloody’ Alice? You can be Malice in Wonderland, or dress up like the Alice from American McGee’s horror video game.

White Rabbit Halloween costume

I found this evil White Rabbit costume, which is perfect for scaring the hell out of people during Halloween!

Playing Cards Halloween costume

If you want to be truly original, go as a ‘dead’ playing card! These playing cards feature a skeleton king and queen. They come as a pair, so you and your partner or friend can go to your Halloween party as a matching set!

Want more costumes, or are you looking for a more regular Alice in Wonderland themed costume for Halloween? Go here!

Tip: Order your costumes in time, to make sure they arrive before the 31st of October.

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  1. I am a little sad that your link for the accessories on Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume is not working or cooperating. I have a snipping tool image to show which if you need to see it.

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