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Alice in Wonderland Christmas tree decoration ideas

The Christmas season has started! How about decorating your tree in Alice in Wonderland style? Continue reading for lots of Christmas tree decoration ideas.


Pocket watch tree ornament Key tree ornament signs make-your-own-ornament


  • Fill clear glass balls with pieces of paper containing book quotes, illustrations, or other material;
  • Place ‘This way’ / ‘That way’ signs in the branches;
  • cheshire-cat-in-treePut a top hat on top of the tree. Or a Cheshire Cat. Or just its head / grin!
  • Glue tea cups to their saucers (consider light weight miniature tea sets). Hang them on the branches using their ears, or knot small treads through them;
  • Fold white and red roses from crepe paper to create a Christmas rose bush;
  • Use checkered ribbons in stead of garlands;
  • Did you know you can actually buy string lights with teapots or flamingo’s!?
  • Attach a small ‘door to Wonderland’ to the bottom of the tree trunk;
  • Place the tree on a table with a checkered tablecover;
  • Make mome raths by using colorful pipe cleaners, pom poms and googly eyes!
  • If you want a looking glass tree, hang it upside down on the ceiling…

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golden-key-ornaments glowing-drink-me-bottle

If you don’t feel creative, you can buy several beautiful Alice in Wonderland Christmas tree ornaments from my webshop. Also, here are some  general ideas for an Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas party.

Below you can find Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas trees from other people (click for the source) to serve as inspiration:

aiw-tree1 aiw-tree2  aiw-tree4 aiw-tree5 aiw-tree6 aiw-tree7 aiw-tree3 Photo and tree by Susana Temple Topsy-turvy Christmas tree Source:

Have a merry Christmas! And do send me pictures of your own Alice in Wonderland style trees!


  1. Your blog is so interesting and inspiring! I like all of these Christmas ideas to bring Wonderland to your home. I recently made a “Through the Looking Glass” art sculpture using found objects; it’s a kind of Alice in Wonderland snow globe without the snow! You can find it here:

  2. Thanks for sharing this decoration idea. It will be helpful for me.

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