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Alice in a World of Wonderlands conference videos

In October last year, there was a big conference in New York, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” story. Part of the conference was about the worldwide translations of the book.

Missed it? This part of the conference is now online available on video!

Go here to view the “Alice in a World of Wonderlands” conference videos:

This is what you can view:

  • Video 1: Welcome and introduction
    Jon Lindseth, General Editor & Exhibition Co-Curator, will welcome attendees to the Translation Conference and make introductory comments on the Alice’s Adventures in a World of Wonderlands project.
  • Video 2: KEYNOTE: Alice in Many tongues 50 years on
    Prof. Emer O’Sullivan will deliver the keynote address, looking at Warren Weavers book “Alice in Many tongues”, and discussing the changes in translating Alice over the past 50 years.
  • Video 3: Alice in six languages of Spain
  • Video 4: Alice in ten dialects of Scots language
  • Video 5: Alice in five Pacific Island languages
  • Video 6: Round table discussion and questions
  • Video 7: Alice in China
  • Video 8: Alice in nine African languages
  • Video 9: Alice in eleven Indian languages
  • Video 10: Alice in English but in twelve other alphabets
  • Video 11 part a  & part b: Round table discussion and questions of the four speakers

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