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Alice in Wonderland exhibition in Moscow

Until March 1st you can visit an exhibition in Moscow (Russia) that is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Alice in Wonderland story. You can see several ‘illusion rooms’, illustrations that were produced for the book through the years, and a stained-glass window dedicated to Lewis Carroll.

Moscow was one of the cities Lewis Carroll visited during his only trip abroad. He went to the library in the mansion Chertkov on Myasnitskaya Street. Now, an exhibition dedicated to his book is opened at this museum.


“On a show space of 1500 square meters,  fantasy worlds come alive for both children and adults. As soon as visitors step into the old mansion they will feel  that it is not just a house, but a real place of wonders.

There is a seven-meter mirror,  the ‘looking glass’ through which Alice entered a different world, a “hanging” library, a “disappearing garden”, the largest kaleidoscope in Europe,  the throne room of the Red and the White Queen, a room of dreams, Alice’s lawn, a skeleton of Barmoglot, and of course the White Rabbit’s house.

In addition, visitors can relax on cushions in the cinema and see restored fragments of the original silent film “Alice in Wonderland”, which was directed in the UK by Cecil M. Hepworth in 1903. In the Gothic hall, visitors will see the first multi-illusion “100 Stories” illustrations for “Alice in Wonderland” by Sir John Tenniel, which are now recognized canonical pieces.

There is also a separate, creatively designed children’s play area. Children can build their own houses and castles, play on the longest railway, watch cartoons, and even draw on the walls. There will also be lessons on how to play  cricket  and the old English game of ‘shuffleboard’. Adults can sit back and relax at the cafe for a nice cup of coffee with an especially English cap-cake, or find a book in the museum shop, or visit the photo exhibition in the Moorish Room.”

(Source: The Moscow Times)


Details of the exhibition can be found on this site (in Russian):




  1. Alice! A childish story take,
    And with a gentle hand,
    Lay it where Childhood’s dreams are twined
    In Memory’s mystic band,
    Like pilgrim’s wither’d wreath of flowers
    Plucked in far off land.

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