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“Alice Through the Looking Glass” out on Blu-ray

For all the fans of Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass” movie: it was released on Blu-ray today!

“Alice Through the Looking Glass” is the sequel to Disney’s live-action movie “Alice in Wonderland”, and was brought to cinemas in May this year.

The movie could already be pre-ordered, but since today, it will actually be shipped to you if you order it. 🙂

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If you want to know what I thought of the movie: read my review.

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  1. I loved it at the movies,but I AM a sucker for 3-D fantasy anyway. The funny thing was the dialogue–I was texting friends some of the quotes: “Seize them!” and “Don’t just stand there–let’s go!” and “Hold on, everyone!” Really!! lol You almost don’t notice how lame the dialogue is because the images are so much fun.

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