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Get your own Disney’s Doorknob!

Recently I got myself a real functioning doorknob shaped like the Doorknob in Disney’s cartoon movie!

The item is handmade by an artist called Propsculptor and is available through his Etsy store. It is made of polyurethane resin and painted gold/brass.

You can opt to just hang the sculpt and the included doorknob on the wall for decoration, but you can also use it as an actual doorknob! Two knobs are included (one painted gold/brass like the sculpt, one in the original gold tone for on the other side of the door). You can use the two knobs on your existing door mechanism or you can replace the door mechanism with the included mechanism that works with this knob. Or place the sculpt over your existing doorknob.

(picture from Propsculptor)

Do mind that it is an US mechanism: I wasn’t able to use the doorknob directly with my Dutch mechanism and as the US mechanism was much smaller than the one I already had, replacing the inside of the door wasn’t an option either. But with some tricks I managed to make it work anyway.

The sculpt that goes over the doorknob comes in two pieces. You attach them to the door using the included adhesive strips.

The sculpt is very well designed; it really looks like Disney’s version! I am somewhat worried about the durability though, as the paint on the doorknob is already starting to come off because of the use. But the original gold color of the knob works with the sculpt as well, so I don’t really mind that. The doorknob is also a bit hard to turn, because the mouth piece gets in the way of your hand. So I wouldn’t recommend installing it on a very often used door. I used it on my downstairs toilet door, as I have decorated that toilet with an Alice in Wonderland theme.


I also noticed that I could only install the sculpt on the side of the door that turns outwards, because the sculpt is too wide to place on the inside of the door: there the door frame overlaps the door somewhat and gets in the way. But perhaps this is different for US doors.

After installing, I used a permanent marker to color the pupils of the eyes (not shown on the photo’s), because I think that made it look a little more real.

Even though it has some downsides, all in all it is a lovely item and I would recommend it for all lovers of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland movie!

You can now also buy this doorknob though my webshop! Please mind that it is from a different manufacturer. I do not own that version, so I don’t know about its quality.

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  1. do you have 4 doors knob I want to change my 4 doors knob and Live in Québec

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