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Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” anniversary

68 Years ago today, Disney’s cartoon movie was released in the USA. It wasn’t an immediate success, but the fact that we still know it and its characters today, means that it did eventually get a special place in our hearts!

The production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ began in 1946. The film took five years to finish and it cost the studio about $3 million, partly because a full-length live action film was shot so that animators could consult it while animating the film.

The inspirational paintings that Mary Blair created also influenced the final visualization of the movie and its characters.

The visualisation of the pink-and-purple striped Cheshire Cat is definitely one of the most memorable!

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  1. Not related to the Blog but the fact that the card on the mad hatters has is a price is incorrect and y’all should fix that.

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