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‘Wonderland’ exhibition in Singapore

If you reside in or visit Singapore soon, do pay a visit to this immersive and interactive ‘Wonderland’ exhibition in the ArtScience Museum! It runs until 22 September.

This ‘Wonderland’ exhibition is aimed at people of all ages and explores Alice’s journey through popular culture. You can discover how artists and filmmakers have portrayed Alice and her story for over a century. The exhibition makes use of theatrical sets, interactive environments, eye-catching props and audiovisual artworks to create a Wonderland. ‘Wonderland’ includes over 300 artefacts and objects including first edition books, drawings, original costumes, films, magic lantern projectors, animation and puppetry.

You will start in Lewis Carroll’s Drawing Room, where you will receive your ‘Lost map of Wonderland’. From there you can explore the following themed rooms:

  • The Hallway of Doors: This section introduces Alice Liddell, her siblings and the real-life inspiration of some of Carroll’s characters. There are also a selection of letters, contracts and books that narrate the publication of the Alice stories, their release and popular reception. An array of the original drawings by Sir John Tenniel are featured in this section too.
  • The Pool of Tears: A collection of original material, including magic lantern slides and projectors, movie jecktor strips, and a projection that spotlights on the films that were released in 1910, 1915, 1927, and 1931.

  • The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill: Featuring puppet creatures, set pieces, character sketches, posters and more from Lou Bunin’s 1949 production, Jan Svankmajer’s ‘Alice’ (1988) and the Quay Brothers’ ‘Alice in Not So Wonderland’ (2007), this section reveals the genius of stop-motion techniques.
  • The Queen’s Croquet Ground: Help to paint the roses red in the Queen’s Croquet ground by creating your own nonsense-inspired card soldier. Get crafty using Sir John Tenniel’s original illustration as inspiration.
  • A Mad Tea Party: Using VFX-techniques and projection mapping, this section literally inserts visitors into the Mad Hatter’s Tea party as it comes alive through a timed audiovisual feast.

  • Alice’s Evidence: The concluding section explores the identity of Alice through an 18 screen audiovisual composition that uses various representations of Alice from different times, cultures and media.

Exhibition details:

Date: 13 April – 22 September 2019
Location: ArtScience Museum, Singapore
More information:

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