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Book presentation: “Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’ and Cognitive Narratology”

On June 28, Francesca Arnavas will present her new book, “Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’ and Cognitive Narratology: Author, Reader and Characters”.

Lewis Carroll's ""Alice"" and Cognitive Narratology: Author, Reader and CharactersHer book proposes a dialogue between the ‘Alice’ books, and a cognitive narratological approach to literary texts. Both ‘Alice’ books are analysed through new theoretical lenses, using concepts taken from the cognitive sciences to explore the minds of the author, the readers and the characters.

The book’s description: 
“We live in an age that is witnessing a growing interest in narrative studies, cognitive neuroscientific tools, mind studies and artificial intelligence hypotheses. This book therefore aims to expand the exegesis of Carroll’s “Alice” books, aligning them with the current intellectual environment.

The theoretical force of this volume lies in the successful encounter between a great book (and all its polysemous ramifications) and a new interpretative point of view, powerful enough to provide a new original contribution, but well grounded enough not to distort the text itself. Moreover, this book is one of the first to offer a complete, thorough analysis of one single text through the theoretical lens of cognitive narratology, and not just as a series of brief examples embedded within a more general discussion. It emphasises in a more direct, effective way the actual novelty and usefulness of the dialogue established between narrative theory and the cognitive sciences. It links specific concepts elaborated in the theory of cognitive narratology with the analysis of the “Alice” books, helping in this way to discuss, question and extend the concepts themselves, opening up new interpretations and practical methods.”

On the website of the publisher you can find a preview of the contents of the book (tab ‘content’). Based on those texts, it seems to be written in quite a dry style, focused on the application of scientific theories, and thus I’d say it’s probably more a research thesis for academics, than a book for the general public.

The book presentation:
The book will be introduced by Prof. Richard Walsh, followed by a conversation with De Gruyter Acquisitions Editor Myrto Aspioti, and a short presentation by the author. A Q&A session will conclude the event.

Date: 28 June 2021
: 5:30 pm BST / 6:30 pm CEST / 7:30 pm EEST
Duration: 60 min
Registration link:

If you cannot attend the event, you can watch the recording that will afterwards be posted on De Gruyter’s YouTube channel.

Availability of the book:
You can buy the book in digital format on the publisher’s website mentioned above, or in hardcover from Amazon.

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