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Book giveaway: Celebrating 25 years of!

Can you believe I have been maintaining this website for 25 years?? To celebrate this anniversary, I am giving away a free copy of my book “Alice’s Adventures under Water“! 25st anniversary giveaway

25 Years? Seriously?

Yes, seriously! I created the first version of this website in December 1997 – the year I started my studies and got access to the internet. I wanted to experiment with building my own website, so I used Microsoft FrontPage to create one. It was mainly about me and my hobbies. As I had searched the internet (through Altavista – there was no Google yet!) for Alice in Wonderland related things and had found very little, I decided to add some information about Alice in Wonderland, one of my interests, to my website as well.

One of my old site designs, from 2011

I started receiving emails from visitors who appreciated that part of the site, so I decided to dedicate the entire website to this topic. Over time, I added more and more resources, until it became what you are seeing now – the most comprehensive online resource about Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’ books!

In the beginning, the site was called “Lenny’s Alice in Wonderland homepage”, which later became “Lenny’s Alice in Wonderland site” and finally became just Initially my website was hosted on my university’s server (at the domain, but when I finished my studies I had to move it and so I bought my own domain name. The site has also underwent several design changes over the years. I used to code everything myself, but my current design was made by a company with actual design skills, and I started using a CMS (WordPress), which made maintaining the site far more easier.

Enough with the history lessons – how do I win your book?

Alice's Adventures under Water

Answer the question below (hint) and send it in together with your name and email address before 1 January 2023 (CET). I will randomly pick one winner from all participants that gave the correct answer before the deadline.

If you are the winner, I will notify you by email. After receiving your address, I will send you a copy of my book “Alice’s Adventures under Water” (a sequel to the ‘Alice’ stories, written in Lewis Carroll’s style but with all new puns, parodies and poetry) for free!

[The form has been removed, as the giveaway contest has been closed]


Q: Will you spam me after I give you my email address?
A: No! I just need an email address to communicate the results of the contest. And I will only ask for your physical address if you are the winner. So make sure to enter a valid email address. After the contest, I will delete all information from every participant.

Q: Will I get a signed copy of your book? 
A: Probably not. Shipping books abroad from the Netherlands is rather expensive, so unless you happen to live in my country, I will send you a print-on-demand copy directly from Amazon.

Q: Who can join the giveaway contest?
A: Anyone can join (but only one entry per person)! You don’t need to be an avid Alice in Wonderland fan, you only need to answer the question. Do share this page with your friends!


  1. I have loved Alice in wonderland since I was a young kid. My friend had a book she was reading and let borrow it. I have the little golden book and a pop-up book with Alice in wonderland story would love another one. Gail

  2. Alice is such a colorful character and I find her relatable in so many ways, even as a young child in the late 1980’s. Today she continues to be something special I share with my little girl and I love that you keep her alive for us to enjoy!
    Lily & Jordyn.

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