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For sale: 1st edition of Sir John Tenniel’s wood-engraved illustrations to ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ & ‘Through the Looking-Glass’

For collectors: a copy from the limited edition of “Sir John Tenniel’s Wood-engraved Illustrations to ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ & ‘Through the Looking-Glass'” is now for sale!

This book set was part of the library of art lover and collector José Neistein, who passed away in 2020. It is now sold by his nephew and trustee, Rubens Neistein.

About the book

Title: Tenniel’s Wood-engraved Illustrations to ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and ‘Through the Looking-Glass’
Author / illustrator: Lewis Carroll, Sir John Tenniel, Leo de Freitas
Publisher: Macmillan / Rocket Press
Year: 1988
Set: #113 from a limited edition of 250 sets

This boxed set consists of 3 volumes in one slipcase, comprising 2 plate volumes and 1 volume of accompanying commentary text. The set contains 91 plates printed from the original wood-blocks engraved by the Dalziel Brothers, and 1 electrotype plate after Tenniel. Each plate is loosely inserted into its own respective folder as issued, with text describing the plate.

Catalogue note:
Printed from the original boxwood blocks that were used to create the electrotype plates for the first edition. These were discovered in two deed boxes belonging to Macmillan in 1985, in the vaults of the National Westminster Bank where they had lain undisturbed since World War II. Macmillan then commissioned The Rocket Press to produce a limited edition of 250 prints taken directly from the blocks, the first time they had been used to create new complete edition. Previously Macmillan had treated them as masters, only taking them out of storage to cut electrotype copies for each fresh printing. Only the block for ‘Alice & the Dodo’ was missing, so Jonathan Stephenson used an electrotype in its place, for completeness.
No further sets were commissioned by the The Rocket Press and the woodblocks were eventually deposited in the British Library. The bindings for the commentary volume, the solander boxes housing the prints, and the slipcase were bound by The Fine Bindery, Wellingborough.

Condition: As new.

How to obtain it

If you are interested in purchasing this set of books or if you want more information, you can send an email with your question or bid to Rubens Neistein: [email protected].

The book will be sold to the highest bidder. The minimum bid is $14,000.00 and should be made before August 13, 2023.

The terms of payment and delivery of the set of books will be defined between the seller and the buyer.

The collection of the book can be done in person at the owner’s residence in Centerville, Virginia (US) or it can be sent to the buyer through a carrier.


Mr. Neistein has requested my help in selling this copy, because he is not part of the Lewis Carroll community but would like to see it go to someone who values and appreciates it.

Please note that I am not involved in the selling process, except for spreading the word, and I do not personally know mr. Neistein, nor have I inspected the copy myself. All communication about this sale should be directly between you and mr. Neistein.

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  1. Hello… fascinating! Was wondering if you might subsequently have become aware of availability of any further copies of the 250 limited edition. With thanks, Happy New Year!

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