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Auction: The Alice in Wonderland collection of Stephen and Nancy Farber

On November 30th, many Alice in Wonderland items (mainly books from other illustrators) will be auctioned at Potter & Potter Auctions, Chicago.

From the Potter & Potter website:

For nearly four decades, the Farbers have been “mad as a hatter” when it came to collecting everything related to Alice in Wonderland. One of their main focuses was on the hundreds of various illustrators that, since 1865, have been producing their own renditions of the characters and scenes from this popular children’s book. They also had a deep fascination for the many translations that were done including collecting one of the most important which just so happened to be the “original Alice’s copy” of Vladimir Nabokov’s Russian translation of Alice.

Other highspots of this sale include a presentation copy of Alice from Carroll to the British illustrator Richard Doyle, another presentation copy of Alice but this time from John Tenniel with one of his famous pencil sketches, a massive 6-foot prototype celestial globe from one of London’s leading globe makers that features all of the Alice characters, and many other rarities including toys, posters, art and more.

Date: 30 November 2023
More information: (no auction page yet, you may have to scroll down the page)

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