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LENNY: PLEASE READ. (sorry for the vauge-ness lol)

Postby GiveACheshireSmile » Sat Jul 05, 2008 5:30 am

I feel like this is wuite possibly the BEST website...ever. LOL. You're a serious genious for doing this. thank you.

i have an alice sweet 16 coming up and i would like your opinion on things i could do. but keep in mind its a sweet 16, so i would like it maybe a bit classy; like its an etherial wonderland-esque setting, not a really silly party.

and am i the only one who hates that these books are associated with KIDS?! i mean, they're great for all ages!! like bugs bunny: SO much adult humor there AS WELL AS child humor, so its great for all ages, and appreciated on different levels depending on how old you are.

sorry, i have a tendancy to rant.

ALSO: i was recently in london, although i currently live in the US, and bought a 1911 copy of alice in wonderland. how much is this worth? NOT THAT I WOULD SELL IT. to me it was the find of a lifetime. but i was just wondering. it even has this cute little incription in the front "happ christmas lucy, love grandma." i think that makes it even better: so what if the book isnt NEW, it was loved. and i found it in the most obscure little place i almost had a heart attack when i saw it. the find of a lifetime. i wish i remembered the name of the shop; it was on Portobello Road by Notting Hill, thats all I remember.


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Postby Lenny » Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:57 am

Your thanks is posted in the right place (and appreciated!), however the other two questions don't belong here.

You already have a topic about your party and the bookshop, so please continue there :)

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